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  • 1998
  • (51,950 Miles)
  • Red
  • Cream hide piped in dark red.Dark red carpets
  • F1 6 Speed Sequential
  • V-8.3.5 litre Five valves per cylinder
  • 183mph
  • 380BHP@8,250 rpm
  • L.4250 mm W.1944 mm

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Vehicle Highlights
One of just 74 F1 GTS's officially imported by Maranello Concessionaires/Ferrari UK.Leather headlining.Dark red seat piping.Sports steering wheel OR original air bag steering wheel with the car.Challenge rear grille.

Vehicle Description

"Born" ,according to the Certificate of Conformity ,essential if the car was to be exported, on the 15th April 1998.The car delivered to Ferrari UK by truck, and in turn to the then Ferrari agents in the West Country, Olympic of Exeter. Delivered and first registered to the Mr David Phelps of Devon on the 21st May 1998.The then list price (1stApril 1998) was
£101,161.63 plus delivery charges, number plates and road tax. The F1 gearbox was £6,345.00.Additionally the car was factory optioned with a hide headlining (RUF 1) £216.00seat piping in Red (PIP1)£336.00. Subsequently the removable roof panel has been colour coded a £1152.00 factory option when new! The car is one of 74 F1 optioned GTS's and of these one of just 43 in Red.

The fifth and penultimate owner Mr Adrian McGowan of London became the new owner on the 28th March 2005 with 7,468 miles having bought the car from specialists Avro Motor Co in Surrey.

The last owner bought the car from a Kent Ferrari specialist following an independent road test and report by SMDG, taking ownership on the 16th October 2008 with 26,200 miles, As part of the preparation a new clutch was fitted ,as was the Challenge rear grille, the original item still being with the car.

There are seventeen stamps in the factory original service book, eight main dealer and nine specialist

The car is fitted with the later Bosch Motronic 5.7 electronic/ignition system, as well as dual air bags, currently a non airbag MOMO RACE steering wheel is fitted.

355 F1 GTS
This was the first ever road car to be equipped with the innovative F1-style gearbox management system, available on all three versions: berlinetta, GTS and spider.

Derived directly from Formula 1, where it made its debut in 1989 winning the Brazilian Grand Prix, the electro-hydraulic system was operated by paddles behind the steering wheel using the F355′s conventional 6-speed manual gearbox. The new transmission guaranteed lightning-quick gear changes, with the additional advantage that both the driver’s hands could stay on the wheel at all times.
The Design
The design of every new Ferrari model is, by definition, heavily influenced by the Marque’s culture and experience combined with innovations developed as a result of both active experimentation and research. The result is a melding of style and engineering that delivers superb performance across the board. In the case of the Pininfarina-designed 355 F1 GTS, the fusion of familiar elements with more powerfully innovative ones resulted in a truly unprecedented car that guaranteed the same signature Ferrari emotions as ever.
The 355 F1 GTS was a masterful piece of engineering as its 109 hp/litre specific power output attests. The latter value and its impressive torque were achieved by adopting a new five-valve cylinder head. The car’s 3496 cc engine punched out 380 hp. Its blistering performance figures were the result of aerodynamic honing that focused specifically on the underbody.
With respect to the F355 GTS, the 355 F1 GTS had an F1-style gearbox management system. Just like the one used for the single-seater, the electro-hydraulic system controlled the manual gearbox using sophisticated software. It was itself operated via two paddles, one on each side of the steering wheel, which meant that the driver did not have to take his hands off the steering wheel whilst changing gears either.

The two-seater 355 F1 GTS had an aluminium and steel body. Its styling was moulded around an aerodynamically severe design that included a full-body undertray designed to equalise downforce (Cl) between the two axles.The cabin was designed with both safety and driving pleasure in mind. The seats and trim were Connolly leather. Composite racing seats were also available to order.
The Chassis
The chassis was a steel monocoque with a tubular steel rear sub-frame for the engine-suspension assembly. Both front and rear suspension used independent unequal-length wishbones and coil springs over gas-filled telescopic electronic dampers with two settings. The car also has anti-roll bars. The steering was rack and pinion with power-assist, and optional mechanical gear. The brakes had self-venting discs and excludable ABS ATE. The 18” wheel rims were magnesium.

The Engine
The mid-rear 3496 cc 90° V8 was longitudinally mounted and punched out 380 hp, giving it a specific power output of 109 hp/l. Distribution was by means of twin overhead cams with five valves per cylinder. The con rods were titanium, while the control unit was the Bosch M5.2. Dry sump lubrication and a six-speed plus reverse mechanical gearbox completed the picture along with a dry single-plate clutch. It had an F1-style gearbox management system.
Taken from Ferrari's own website

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