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SOLD-ANOTHER REQUIRED Ferrari : 355 F1 spider-Category D

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  • 1998
  • (40,500 Miles)
  • Red
  • Cream hide with dark red carpets
  • F1 6 Speed Sequential
  • V-8 3.5 litre Five valves per cylinder
  • 180 mph
  • 380bhp@8,200 rpm
  • L.4250 mm w.1900mm

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Vehicle Highlights
Category D car repaired and Autoalign inspected.Full and detailed history from new.15 service stamps in the book

Vehicle Description

Completed on the 28th January 1998,the car was transported to Ferrari UK and in turn to Maranello Sales. First registered R934 MMO, on the 18th February 1998 to Mr Russell Allen of Kent by Tony Willis and Mark Hawkins of Maranello Sales of Egham, Surrey. The then list price was £103,734.88- plus delivery charges, number plates and road tax. In addition the car was factory optioned with red brake callipers (CALR)£396.00 and the F1 gearbox operation-one of 139 UK cars -which added another £6,345.00.The car also had a third rear brake light-"STLP-Terza luce stop"- more commonly found on the Far East cars.

The first 6,250 miles service was carried out by Maranello Sales on the 15th June 1998 with 8,308 miles, presumably in anticipation of his continental trip. After spinning on a cobblestone road in Paris, the car was apparently damaged on all four corners. It was recovered back to Maranello Sales in the UK and an estimate was prepared(claim date 09-08-98) .Apparently Mr Allen decided that the twelve months estimated to repair the car was too long so he opted for a replacement car instead and the insurance company wrote the car off classing it as a Category D "insurer decided not to repair".(This is now classed as a Category N-non structural damage.)

The car passed to the second owner Mr Roland Farlie of Kent on the 28th October 1998.It would seem that Mr Farlie sold the car on to Mr Andrew Nason also of Kent who had former Maranello Concessionaires Ltd bodyshop manager, Mike Osgood repaired the car using components sourced from the then official Ferrari dealer Motor SRL of Modena which cost Euros 12,500-Mr Nason taking a van down to Italy to collect the new parts-.Mike Osgood's changing £4100 for his work. He then took the car to former Maranello Concessionaires mechanic ,Neal Lucas on the 6th October 1999 for an annual service at 9,891 miles. Mr Andrew Nason registered the car in his name on the 16th February 2000.Neal Lucas again serviced the car on the 16th February 2001 including new cam and drive belts and a new clutch The following day the car was taken to Autoalign of Redhill, Surrey on the 17th January 2001 who independently inspected the car and confirmed that it had been repaired to Thatcham Insurance Standards and that it had been noted as "Condition inspected" on the HPI register. The car returned to Neal Lucas who fitted new front road springs and set up the ride heights all round. Neal continued to maintain the car for Mr Nason which included a new right hand manifold in April 2001 at 17,111 miles.

Passing into the ownership of Mr Barry Woodhead of Buckinghamshire on the 17th June 2003 with some 20,000 miles for £59,000. Neal Lucas again carried out the maintenance including a £1,630 TUBI STYLE exhaust on the 14th June 2004 new left hand manifold in July 2004 at 21,586 miles.

Purchased by the fifth and penultimate owner Mr Mike Pettit of Avon on the 1st May 2008 with some 23,000 miles. This was the only period when Neal Lucas didn’t look after instead ,when Ferrari specialists Hollingworth maintained the car for two services. .

Purchased by the last owners, two brothers from Surrey on the 9th June 2010 with 28,510 miles. Neal Lucas resumed maintaining the car.

There are 12 service stamps from Neal Lucas, one from Maranello Sales and two from Hollingworth in the factory original service book. The leather book pack, handbooks and leather tool case are all present as well.

Open sports cars are an integral part of Ferrari tradition: the first Ferrari ever to be built, in fact, was an open sports car – the 125 S. The F355 Spider’s Pininfarina-penned lines were honed by 1,800 hours in the wind tunnel. The result successfully blended the elegance and aerodynamics of the F355 Berlinetta with open air driving.

For the first time on a Ferrari, the semi-automatic soft-top was powered electronically. The sophisticated 5-valve per cylinder V8 engine guaranteed class-topping performance.
The Story
The first Ferrari ever built was an open-top. Spiders always held a very special and vital place in Enzo Ferraris’ heart and later in that of the company itself. The inspiration behind every Ferrari spider is a mix of a genuinely sporty engineering and the thrill of open-top driving.
The F355 Spider brought this spirit to a whole new level by melding the berlinetta and the GTS’s acknowledged performance with a superbly efficient electronically-operated semi-automatic soft top. The factors that made the F355 such a successful model made the transition unaltered to the Pininfarina-styled Spider: a very elastic 380 hp engine with five valves per cylinder, 109 hp/litre specific power output, 4.7-second 0 a 100 km/h sprinting and 37 Kgm of torque.

The Body
The two-seater F355 Spider had a steel and aluminium body. Its styling was moulded around an aerodynamically severe design that included a full-body undertray designed to equalise downforce (Cl) between the two axles.
The cabin was designed with both safety and driving pleasure in mind. The seats and trim were Connolly leather. Composite racing seats were also available to order. The chassis was a steel monocoque with a tubular steel rear sub-frame for the engine-suspension assembly. Both front and rear suspension used independent unequal-length wishbones and coil springs over gas-filled telescopic electronic dampers with two settings. The car also has anti-roll bars.
The steering was rack and pinion with power-assist, and optional mechanical gear. The brakes had self-venting discs and excludable ABS ATE. The 18” wheel rims were magnesium.
The Engine
The mid-rear 3496 cc 90° V8 was longitudinally mounted and punched out 380 hp, giving it a specific power output of 109 hp/l. Distribution was by means of twin overhead cams with five valves per cylinder. The con rods were titanium, while the control unit was the Bosch M5.2. Dry sump lubrication and a six-speed plus reverse mechanical gearbox completed the picture along with a dry single-plate clutch.

Taken from Ferraris own website

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