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SOLD-ANOTHER REQUIRED Ferrari : Mondial 3.4t

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  • 1990
  • (36,000 Miles)
  • Red
  • Cream hide with red carpets
  • 5 Speed Manual
  • V-8 3.4 litre Four overhead camshafts
  • 159 mph
  • 300bhp at 7200rpm
  • L 4534mm W 1808mm

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Vehicle Highlights
One of 56 UK examples of which 38 remain taxed or SORN'd.Leather headlining and dashboard.Factory electric sunroof.Adjustable suspensionPower assisted steering.

Vehicle Description

Entering production on Friday 8th September 1989 the car was completed seven weeks later on the Thursday the 26th October 1989.Transported to Ferrari UK by and truck-one of the 52 of which 38 remain taxed or SORN'd- and in turn to the Ferrari agents for Essex, Lancasters of Colchester. Where it was first registered 1st January 1990 to the first owner, Mr R B.of Essex. The then (01-10-89) list price was £57,700.77 plus delivery, number plates and road tax. In addition, an electric sunroof, £1239.61, leather dashboard, £890.77 and leather headlining and rear window surround, £616.69 were also specified.

The car was purchased by the second owner, Mr E R of Surrey on 5th April 1990, at a premium, with some 600 recorded miles, and was re-registered 90ER. It was also at this point (5th April 1990-667 miles) that the speedometer was replaced by HR. Owen under warranty. The Mondial was joined in August 1993 by a 512 TR.

I went to see the car in the Summer 2005 and tried, unsuccessfully, to buy the car. It seems that Maranello Sales bought the car with 16,924 recorded miles, and sold it to the third, as yet un-known owner, in November 2005, following the 18,750-mile service, for £24,950.

Purchased by the fourth owner, Mr S C of Oxfordshire, on the 7th May 2007, with some 18,000 recorded miles,

The penultimate owner, Ms A H of London bought the car, with 20,898 recorded miles, on the 16th May 2009, from Ferrari specialists, Forza 288 of Dorset following a cam belt service. The car was part-exchanged in January 2010 for a new Range Rover.

Initially sold in January 2010 within 24 hours of arriving at Rardley, it was serviced and prepared for its new owner, then stored it with us, but was then unable to proceed with the purchase. The car was re advertised and re sold within 48 hours to Mr C D of Buckinghamshire in September 2010 with a total mileage of 21,800 miles taking a 1978 308 GTS back in part-exchange.

Complete as new with factory original hand book, service book and wallet as well as tools and spare keys. Every factory option was specified when new. With only 52 examples imported of which just 38 are thought to remain in the UK and with every factory option specified, one of the best optioned in the UK.

The Mondial T represented a further step forward in the evolution of this most singular Ferrari: a truly high-performance car with a mid-mounted engine and room for four. The letter ‘T’ was inspired by the F1 312 T single-seater, which had just won the Formula 1 World Championship and also used the longitudinal engine/transverse gearbox layout.

This new configuration allowed the whole drive-train of the Mondial T to be lowered by 13 cm, with significant benefits in terms of road-holding and handling. The final development of the Mondial series was the Mondial t model, which was announced in 1989, and was the most radical overhaul of the model during its production run.
The engine capacity increased to 3.4 litres and it became longitudinally mounted, instead of transversely on the previous models. It was coupled to a transverse gearbox, hence the letter “t” in the model designation, and had an ABS braking system as standard equipment, whilst the front and rear tracks increased by 2mm and 50mm respectively.
At the front, the paired retractable headlight units of the previous models were replaced by neater retractable rectangular homofocal units. The large trapezoidal rear wing air intakes disappeared, being replaced by smaller neat rectangular louvres on the rear wings, which were of a more bulbous profile, providing a more muscular stance to the car.
As on the Mondial 3.2, the tail badge did not differentiate between the coupé or the cabriolet, simply stating Mondial t. As with the previous model changes, the interior was once again modified, this time comprehensively, including a revised instrument nacelle, centre console, upholstery pattern and the facility for the rear seat backrests to fold flat to create a luggage platform. A leather dashboard and headlining was available as an option.
The main European market Mondial t coupé models had a tubular chassis with a factory type reference F 108 AL/D. As with the earlier models in the series it featured a bolted rear sub-frame section, so that the complete engine, transmission and rear suspension assembly could be removed as a single unit, for ease of maintenance.

The longitudinally mid mounted V8 engine of 3405cc capacity, was mated to a transverse five speed all synchromesh gearbox. The enlarged engine was provided with dry sump lubrication, and had factory type reference number F 119 DL and later F 119 G.
It was initially fitted with a Bosch M2.5 and then later an M2.7 Motronic combined injection/ignition system, to produce a claimed power output of 300bhp at 7200rpm for the first main European market series, and 295bhp for the later series with the M2.7 Motronic ignition unit and catalytic convertors in the exhaust system. As with other models in the Mondial series, the Mondial t was provided with independent suspension via wishbones, coil springs and hydraulic shock absorbers all round, with front and rear anti roll bars.
In addition it was fitted with power steering plus electronically controlled shock absorbers, that gave either hard, medium or soft settings, from a driver actuated switch. Towards the end of the production run a Valeo electronically actuated clutch became available as an option, which gave the facility of normal manual gear changes without using a clutch pedal.
As with the concurrent 2 seat models right and left hand drive was available, together with various world market specification models. From chassis number 75000, both odd and even numbers were used for the road production cars, thus, as all Mondial t coupés were produced post this number they have both odd and even chassis numbers. The model was produced between 1989 and 1993, with a total of 858 examples made in the chassis number range 79596 to 97698.

Taken from Ferrari’s own website.

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